Hello everyone

It has been a difficult decision, but I will be shutting this forum down.

Trunk Notes now has its own Twitter account (@trunknotesapp) and a new Tumblr blog (http://trunknotesapp.tumblr.com). Whilst there is huge utility in having a forum I haven't had any time at all to properly look after it.

One of my goals in 2016 is to start growing Trunk Notes usage (and the money I get from it). Since it was released in 2009 it has had many thousands of users, some who have been very enthusiastic allies. However the monetisation strategy of having an app released with no method of charging for updates has meant of late Trunk Notes needs a change in strategy so I can take it forward. Maybe in the future, if it starts paying its way, then a forum may relaunch. For now though I will just say thank you to everyone who has posted and contributed here, and on the old phpBB forum.