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Where do I go to see current help and user forum activity?

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Is there any switch I can apply in Trunk Notes (TN) to turn OFF the default behavior of WikiWords automatically becoming links? My most common frustrations include:

  • LinkedIn, PeopleToGo, EagleOnline and similar websites that I am merely mentioning in my notes, not linking to.

  • What I am calling "complex filenames" only because of how TN handles them. For example, _MyToDo-Job_Hunt works perfectly well as [Job Hunt](tn://_MyToDo-Job_Hunt) from outside TN but within TN I have to _/MyToDo-/Job_Hunt (for the string to render properly) and [Job Hunt](tn://_MyToDo-/Job_Hunt) (for the link to render properly).

In it's current state I have to pour over TN content when creating it and review and revise it again when exporting it (e.g. to Evernote as Markdown, not HTML). This problem is adding so much extra work to my note taking process that I am seriously considering leaving TN. I really don't want to but the current cost of management is too high.

Any and all suggestions welcome.

Thank you.


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Same thing is happening on my iPad Air 2.

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