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Eureka. I had some files whose names did not obey the wiki word scheme (for example, "simple.markdown").

When I turned off the setting "Capitalize Wiki Words" those files were recognized by Trunk Notes! When I turned the setting to "On" again and synced, Trunk Notes gave me an error and said it could not display those files.

But creating a "proper" wiki file (eg, using a name like "NotSoSimple.markdown") worked with either setting.

Now this is pretty sweet! I'm using nvALT on my Mac, and pointing it at my Dropbox trunksync/notes/ and I can even enable MacVim as my external editor for nvALT. And on the iPad, I have TrunkNotes. it would be nice to have TrunkNotes for the Mac, but this works in the mean-time.

Thanks for reading.


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I'm attempting to integrate the notes I store in Dropbox from my Mac with the ones that I edit using TrunkNotes on my iPad.

I've noticed that I can create new notes with TrunkNotes and sync Dropbox, and I then see the notes on my mac (via Dropbox). In fact, i can then edit those notes on my mac, and the changes will be seen in the copy that Dropbox has. All expected.

But when i create the file from my mac, Dropbox never sees it. When I do the sync in TrunkNotes, I notice the name of the new file. It's in Dropbox, and TrunkNotes knows it's there. But TrunkNotes refuses to have anything to do with files that were not initially created in TrunkNotes itself.

Is this intentional behavior? Is there a setting i can change to fix this?



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