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@moioci thanks, I´m going to try it.

Next issues:

  1. I don't know you people, but in ios 9 beta when I try to search/open a note, by touching the tittle, trunknotes craches, and I'm going back to the desktop. I feedback this situation to Apple in the beta app.

  2. What is the good notes editor for windows? I just keep messing up my files, with Atom, Sublime Text (2 and 3), Notepad ++.... The Markup view of the above, just show me everything allright (and I don´t mess with the Metada things and above - the text part of trunknotes itself)
    When I dropbox sync back to ios, it shows at the begining of a note 2 lines: Tags: and Metadata:.

I think it´s the configuration of newlines, carriage returns and so. I tried the windows friend mode in the settings but nothing changes.

Can anybody help, please?
Just going nuts with this little stone i my shoe.


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I'm having serious issues about dueinnext: just refuses to work with any of my tags; and, when it works, shows a list of actions that don't respect the dates/number of days.

Any ideas, please?

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Hi, and thank you,

I'm using trunk to organize my professional life. No t GTD way, but my way. I'm a software program manager with a lot of projects jiggling. I've tried everything to manage my busy stack of Projects, but return to 2 tools: trunk notes and taskmator. Text based, because the freedom. Not evernote: too heavy.

I'm trying to learn lua (now) and python (later), in my scarce free time. On of the things that I learned since I was a software developer, long time way , is that we must have a purpose, a goal, to study and practice a new language. So, now I'm using trunk notes.

And I used to sneak the various examples of using trunk; not just with lua.
And I'm very confused about some functions (dueinnext, taggeg, action) and with lua itself: it's so confusing the ipair concept, the metadata thing, the oop.

I'm trying with the the little trunk manual, and with some google searches.

Little steps, just trying to not feel too frustrate.


Paulo Camilo

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I just need to dig some lua examples.

I need some help with the language, and the examples are very good.


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Please help.

The old site forums were very helpful to try and share a lot of examples.

can you copy all of them to this site, please?

and, d'ont abandon trunknotes - wed need it.

best regards

Paulo Camilo

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